So, this guy has a waterfall in his backyard…

Okay. This is one of those, “Lead with a photo gallery”, kind of posts…

As the title suggests, these amazing waterfalls are in some random guy’s backyard. Yet another one of Puerto Rico’s wonderful, hidden, gems. Something tells me that this is not an uncommon thing throughout the island, but this particular location is the Gozalandia Waterfall in San Sebastian, conveniently located between Rincón and Arecibo.

It seems like a popular spot with the locals, and will only set you back five dollars for parking. (Although someone may try to sell you a puppy in the parking lot.) The actual waterfalls aren’t very far from the lot, but they do require a few steep, and muddy, descents. Originally, I had assumed this was just an opportunity to stop and look at some pretty waterfalls, but you be sure to set aside some time, bring a snack, and plan on getting wet. I was stupid and just rolled up my jeans.

These are quite possibly the only two waterfalls I have ever seen that were totally accessible to would-be Tarzans. Both featured rope swings, and lots of good ledges for jumping off. Definitely not for an amateur swimmer, but great for adventurous types. Normally I’m not too fond of spots that attract too many people, but there were plenty of helpful locals to show you where the best jump-offs were and to help coordinate the rope swing.

Full disclosure: This adventure would have never happened without THIS ARTICLE on Anyone planning a trip through PR should definitely spend some time browsing the site.

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